Welcome to Burning Mars

When you acquire an AstroBeast, you’re buying more than just a digital work of art. The Burning Mars Membership will give you access to an exclusive metaverse that will be hosted in a still not revealed megaverse. You will get a 1,000m2 parcel to build whatever you like where everything is possible. Furthermore, we will exhibit the best NFT arts in our gallery to market.

The cost of 1 AstroBeast NFT will be set at $200

Luxury Edition

The AstroGod collection is a luxury limited edition that has been created to upgrade the Burning Mars membership for those who never have enough, like us. Only those who have previously acquired before an AstroBeast will be entitled to access to THE GODS OF MARS.

Acquiring an AstroGod allows you to obtain a virtual loft of about 1,600m2 in one of the most iconic cities in the world within a megaverse for free. In addition, members who have purchased an AstroGod will be able to enjoy special benefits and offerings in that megaverse.

The Cost of 1 AstroGod NFT will be set at $12.000


Our NFTs are distributed through the Polygon network and sold on Opensea.


• Burning Mars Membership: Be part of one of the most exclusive metaverses. There are many clubs on earth, on Mars there is only one; Burning Mars!
Burning Mars will be hosted in a megaverse where there is no limit … experiences of any kind to be enjoyed every day.

• DAO Government System: Burning Mars is a club where each member will have participation and vote on issues that will be proposed by the community. Be part of it and decide on our future… How far can we go? Take us to the furthest part of the universe.

• 1,000m2 Parcel in Mars: The entire surface (1,000,000 m2) will be divided symmetrically into 100m x 100m plots. You and only you will have a piece of this club, isn't that exciting?

• Freedom of construction: You can build a house, a sculpture, a monument, create your own marketplace or whatever your heart desires. Your imagination has no limit.

• Free Life / FreeStyle: There are no rules, there is no manual. Just be your best yourself, show your style and set your trends.

• Premium Membership: By obtaining an AstroGod you will get:

    • Plot on Mars of 1,000m2
    • House built on Mars
    • Private spaceship on Mars
    • Apartment in Mars Tower: a magical space as a loft in a building of an emblematic city in a Megaverse yet to be discovered

Getting excited? Wait for more!

• Great Merchant: Exclusive garments + Burning Mars member = you make the brand.

• Live Fest Burning Mars: You will be 1 of 10 thousand people who will be lucky to enjoy the best music, best performances and a great atmosphere in a place of dreams. . On Mars? Not, but close...

• Burning Mars NFTs: Access to special NTFs that bring benefits and access to certain locations within Burning Mars that only members can purchase and enjoy.
Do you think you have seen everything in the NFT ecosystem? Well, you will be amazed by what we have prepared for you!