The Concept

The Metaverse has been in the process of creation since April 2021.

Burning Mars is an exclusive metaverse created and designed for 10,000 members only. A decentralized Metaverse where everything imaginable is possible.

Burning Mars has been inspired by Burning Man's values: freedom, community, cooperation, fantasy, passion and daring with a touch of madness.

Burning Mars becomes the most exclusive international virtual exhibition of Art, Culture, Music and Entertainment in the world. Each member will be the owner of a plot where they become the creator and develop an experience, sculpture, monument or any kind of Art they want to. Each plot will have its own link and domain so that it can be easily shared on the owner's social networks and digital platforms.

A virtual space where you can make your fantasies come true!

Burning Mars will make their own creation program available to owners so that they can design, create and build at their own free choice.

Burning Mars will contain a NFT marketplace so that each member who wishes can market their products or experiences.

Bring out the artist in you and share your ideas with the whole world!

Burning Mars will be hosted in a secret and exciting location that will be revealed a week before its launch. Exciting, right?

Even better, it will coexist with an annual physical mega event… somewhere on earth.

How is it constituted

The metaverse will be governed by its 10,000 members under a DAO system (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

• 101 craters with 100 plots each, 10,100 plots in total

• 10,000 plots for AstroBeast membership

• 100 plots for AstroGod membership


The community in each crater will decide what festivals, parties and experiences they want to happen in their community.

Global Community

The entire Burning Mars metaverse will be governed under a decentralized system across all communities.


Burning Mars will operate under its own crypto token, which will be the official currency of the Metaverse and will be launched on the market through an ICO.

Hosted on the blockchain under a proof of stake protocol Polygon. It will be available on IOS and Android mobiles, tablets / iPads, PCs and VR devices.